Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So a lot of you have asked why I'm slacking so much on blogging. Thank you for missing me when I'm not here. I miss you, too.

You know that Mommy Chick is my ghostwriter and general assistant. Now that I am crawling, I require her to trail closely behind me, pulling dog food out of my mouth and putting those little safety things in plugs. So there isn't a lot of sitting time.

I have so many fabulous posts in the works, so MC needs to get cracking.

In other news, I've totally helped MC shed the last of her preggo weight. I'm almost 10 months old, so it's about time, huh? Anyway, I'm like her own personal trainer, making her squat and lift me, crawl, run, you get it.

I vow to give her a few minutes daily to transcribe my wisdom for you.

I just spewed boobie milk all over the tile and need MC to clean it.

Happy Tuesday.