Thursday, June 3, 2010

Creepy Bedtime Story

You'll never believe what happened last night! Mommy Chick read me a story about pigs. One of the pigs went to the grocery store, and I guess it made another pig mad, so he cried like a little baby pig. That's not even the weird part. MC's fingers turned into little pink pigs!

I mean, I've heard of people having sausage fingers. MC used to work for a man who had Vienna Sausages for digits. Or as some of the people from my Nana's hometown would say, "VEYE-eeenie Weenies." I cannot make up this stuff.

So if Jimmy Dean hands are your thing, check out this book. It is $9.35 at Amazon, which is a few bucks less than we paid somewhere else.


  1. Her little laugh is adoreable! And I just saw the one with the cat...too cute!

  2. Mommy Chick is practically a wizard! Very cute piggies!